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The top 10 reasons to switch to a Mac
1. The Mac... it just works.
Ask them — the millions of people who use and love their Macs — why it’s become such an integral part of their lives, and most will tell you that it’s because it just works. Letting them do what they want to do. How they want to do it. Intuitively. And there’s good reason. Only with a Mac do you find absolutely flawless integration of hardware and software. Only with a Mac do you get an operating system built by the same people who built the computer it runs on. Take a Mac out of its box, and you experience that hand-and-glove fit from the get-go. Plug it in. Turn it on. And you’re ready for anything. That’s because with a Mac, you’ll find all of the essentials built right in. USB. FireWire (IEEE 1394). Ethernet. Modem. Macs even come with built-in antennas for wireless networks. And every Mac comes with drivers for most of the printers, joy sticks, DV camcorders, keyboards, storage devices, digital cameras, input devices, MP3 players and game pads you’ll be connecting to those ports. So when you plug them in for the first time, they’ll just work, too.

2. It doesn’t crash.
Are you just a tad too well acquainted with the notorious “blue screen of death”? Bid it a fond farewell. With Mac OS X, you’ll become accustomed instead to industry-leading stability. In this elegant new operating system, memory is fully protected and applications can’t conflict with the OS or one another. And, oh yes, Mac OS X is built on the industrial strength of UNIX. Most Fortune 500 companies, governments and universities rely on UNIX for their mission-critical applications. And now, so can you.

3. Simply the best in digital music.
The critics all agree (and how often does that happen?) — not only does iTunes turn the Mac into an unequalled digital jukebox, but iPod has no peer among MP3 players on the market today. iTunes makes it easy to convert the music from your CD collection into MP3 files. Lets you make playlists to match your every mood. Offers one-button burning of audio CDs. And seamless integration with MP3 players. Like iPod. Which fits in your pocket, weighs just 6.5 ounces, holds up to 2,000 songs, features lightning-fast music transfers via FireWire, plays for up to ten hours and lets you bring your music wherever you go.

4. The missing link in digital photography.
Everyone loves iPhoto, which revolutionizes the way you save, organize, share and enjoy digital photos. Included with every Mac, iPhoto lets you easily download, organize, find and share your photos — as prints, in a slide show or on a website it will even help you build. Simply drag your mouse, and iPhoto magically grows or shrinks your photo thumbnails. So you can view individual shots in detail or see hundreds of photos on the screen at once, and quickly scroll through thousands to find the one you’re looking for. iPhoto even lets you create your own custom coffee-table books. You may never go back to using a film camera again.

5. Your own digital entertainment center.
Designed and built for today’s digital lifestyle, the Mac offers a complete ensemble of digital tools. In addition to iTunes and iPhoto, Macs come with iMovie and, on all systems equipped with a SuperDrive, iDVD, as well. Like the Mac itself, they’re easy to use and work together flawlessly. You’ll use iMovie to turn raw video footage into polished films — complete with soundtracks, titling and effects — that friends will actually ask to watch over and over again. And iDVD will let you burn your photos and movies onto DVDs that can be played on most commercially available DVD players.

6. Goes everywhere you go.
We think computing on the go should always be a first-class experience. That’s why we design our PowerBook and iBook computers the way we do. Light. Thin. Displays so bright and clear, you’d think you’re working on a desktop system. And they come standard with what some other laptops consider “extras”: capacious hard drives, built-in optical drives, USB, FireWire, Ethernet, modem, video out, audio in, WiFi. Consider this: Can your PC laptop go coast to coast with just one battery? Can you put the system to sleep just by closing the lid? Does it wake up instantly? Can your PC laptop automatically switch between Ethernet, dial-up and wireless connections on the fly? Without a restart? Ours can.

7. it’s built for the Internet.
When did you last configure a PC for the Internet? Take you long? It won’t on a Mac. Fact is, most of our customers are up-and-surfing within 15 minutes. And that includes people who never touched a computer before in their lives. What will your experience be like? You’ll find moving your favorites, email contacts, and email messages to the Mac mere child’s play. And wait till you try the software. Microsoft built features into Explorer and Entourage found nowhere else, features that make browsing and email on a Mac an absolute joy. Feel like chatting? AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger — all your favorites are available. In fact, you’ll find tons of Internet tool options. That includes QuickTime. When it comes to world-class streaming video, no product offers a better digital media experience. (And with QuickTime 6, we just upped the ante.) Of course on a Mac, it’s just as easy to stream video, chat, read email and surf wirelessly. That’s because every Mac is ready for WiFi (802.11) — we call it AirPort — right out of the box.

8. Office is Office, and then some.
The transition to a Mac is easy in part because you’ll continue using the same applications you already know. Microsoft Office vX for Mac OS X gives you Word, PowerPoint and Excel, all with the same familiar features and shortcut commands. And thanks to exclusive features, the Mac versions improve on their Windows counterparts. Office documents are all fully compatible between Mac and Windows, so you can share everything from spreadsheets to presentations. Beyond Office, you’ll find you can run more than 3,000 applications designed specifically for Apple’s new operating system, Mac OS X. You can do anything you’d dream of doing on the Mac — from CAD to databases to finance.

9. Works effortlessly with PCs.
Standards let everyone work together harmoniously. That’s why Apple has adopted so many of them. Take networking. Networking on a Mac is built on the same technologies used by PCs. As a result, the Mac is at home on PC networks (or just about any other kind), making the business of sharing files and printers with PCs entirely painless. And in Mac OS X you don’t have to be a network administrator to make it all work. What’s more, Gigabit Ethernet is built in. As is support for 802.11 wireless, so you can network without cables inside your house using AirPort or another wireless access point. Of course, you can also swap files via data CD, floppies or Zip disks. And most new peripherals connect via USB or FireWire (two other industry standards), so you can use them with either PCs or Macs.

10. It’s beautiful.
Our designers and engineers agonize over every millimeter of every new Macintosh model, and every pixel of the user interface. The result: ergonomic products that are the toast of the design world. iMac. PowerBook. iPod. iBook. You can see obsession with design and detail wherever you look: the spring-loaded screws that secure the bottom plate of the new iMac, laser-etched text where others would put a sticker, the tough colorfast polycarbonate cases of the iMac and eMac, the swing-away door on the Power Mac G4, the elegant optical mouse included with all desktop Macs, the instructions on the back of the door you open to add memory to an iBook or PowerBook. They’re objects that would be striking even if they weren’t computers. Tools that are, at every level, a pleasure to use.

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