Crywolf, San Diego's Macintosh Specialists
“I switched at Crywolf”

Hi, my name is Robert Martin. I’m a security guard. At home in my spare time my hobbies are digital photography, video games and writing. One day I saw the signs out front of a building on Convoy Court. “Macintosh Specialists,” “Crywolf.” I stopped in to see what Crywolf was all about. I saw all the new Macintosh computers and the toys to go with them. They had a book there called “OS X: The Missing Manual” that described Macs in great lighthearted and informative terms. I was really impressed with the people at Crywolf and their no pressure, informational attitude.

So after reading the Missing Manual, researching the Macs and interviewing some friends I knew that had shopped at Crywolf. I bought a PowerBook, a wireless Airport System and an iPod at Crywolf. I been using my new G4 Titanium Power Book to do my photos for a while now, I can’t believe I wasted my time with a PC. I wish I would have bought a Mac earlier. The graphics are like glossy paint and the power and reliability are great!. I love the sound I get from my new iPod too. But what really sold me was the personnel at Crywolf and how easy they are to get to. I get all my accessories there now.

Robert Martin

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