CoolMac Silencer Series
gCab xCab
Specs $699.54 $1695.85
Noise Reduction 67db to 35db 82db to 38db

The CoolMac Silencer uses heat pipe and air flow technologies to provide silent cooling while eliminating the need for external fans. The CoolMac Silencer reduces the noise of an Xserve from 82 dB to 38 dB and a Power Mac G4 from 65 dB to 37 dB. For comparative purposes, an empty 70 square-foot office with a computer, heat or air conditioning, and lights on typically emits 40 dB. What's more, the cabinet is airtight to prevent dust and dirt from contaminating the components.

The CoolMac Silencer product family begins with the gCab and xCab. The gCab is designed for environments requiring near silence, such as a sound or video production studio. The gCab holds a PowerMac G4 and a few external optical drives. With an internal capacity of 20 by 12.5 by 22 inches and external dimensions of 24.75 by 25.5 by 25.75 inches. An optional slide out tray is designed to simplify mounting and servicing the G4 and peripherals a snap.

The xCab is a 7U rack mount system targeted at Xserve users who want to bring their servers out of an equipment closet. The xCab can be configured to hold either six Xserves, four Xserves, and one RAID, three Xserves, and one RAID, or one Xserve and two RAIDs, or any non-Apple rack mount server 31 inches in length. Internal dimensions of the xCab are 12.5 by 20 by 37 inches; external dimensions are 28 by 24 by 40.25 inches.

Demonstrations will be held during Macworld, January 8, from 9 to 10 AM at the CoolMacStuff booth, #3827.

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